2015 – To slip in to all things ‘fall’ seems appropriate. DMPHarvest is in full swing and we must make an effort to be involved next year. I am loving getting along to market every week at the moment. It has been an incredible growing season. Right through the summer and even now fruit trees, locally, have had huge success. We just picked our juicy, purple figs last week. My little car is full of the sweet aroma of plump, furry, fine examples of customer-gifted quinces too. I only dare to bring so many into the kitchen at once. That way we bottle a-little-a-lot and it remains a joy, rather than a huge unwieldy chore.

Changes are underway at Colenso. (Nothing new there). After 5 years we have quietly closed our night services. It just feels right for now. We’ll miss those evenings too. We will keep our focus on being the comfortable, warm and quality spot for all our guests from near and far, whether it be the big catch up lunch with friends or the quiet nibble over a magazine and brekky or a sip of coffee just how you like it. Don’t take it bad. We still have much to offer.

Dietary trends and needs continue to be a serious consideration when putting together menus. We really do put in much effort when navigating the array of concerns customers have with their food choices. A list of dietary needs in the past month is as follows – vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, sugar free, dairy free, paleolithic, FODMAP & ‘nightshade’ free (Of which we made a major error and oversight, with sincere apologies but still we regret, a disappointed customer.) We always welcome including a dietary consideration with your reservation such that we can prepare in advance. It can be tricky for chefs to switch focus once in the middle of a busy service. That said we will always do our best.

If you haven’t checked out the DMPHarvest schedule now is the time. Don’t miss out on some of the great events. It must be Woodend Farmers Market this Saturday. Don’t just chat with the locals, buy food too!

Three cheers for the most beautiful time of year to live in the Macedon Ranges!

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Colenso Cafe Woodend
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