Forward March February!

When I lived in Canada my favourite festival was Thanksgiving. I think I have carried the celebration in to our home and only subliminally into our dining room. I find myself pouring over local farmers markets, contacting growers directly. Dreaming about ‘crisps’ of peaches and blueberries, platters of still warm tomatoes with bright green cloudy oil and on. This year I had the delightful discovery of fresh, local cheesemakers who conjure the most succulent and ‘milky’ ‘buratta’ I have tasted. (With a trip to Italy, slated for 2018 I can put my local ‘buratta’ experience to the test.)

We are planning our trip to Lucca, during September. Both weeks will be full of marvelous meals, site visits to wonderful makers and producers, conversations on culture and architecture, … and the list grows. A tour to elevate the senses, pump our hearts and ease our minds. You are invited to join us and for further details, drop us a line at

Our Saturday Sessions are a celebration of this thanks giving time of year. Hal and I head out to the local farmers market to write a menu that is guaranteed to be packed full of high season goods to serve a Saturday evening meal prepared by our family, for you. It is a simple affair. (I have never found ‘simple’ that easy.) It is very much as if you were joining us for dinner in our home. But it is not like that is it, really? There is no charge to be a guest in a private home. That said, it is a fantastic representation of what is on the go right now in our wonderful patch. The fruit and vegetables are untouched by refrigeration. The whole offering is one of great value and quite the rarity amongst modern eating options.

I give thanks to the thoughtful and warm hearted producers we work with. It is particularly special getting to know you all over the years; to watch our businesses stretch, grow and flow; to hear of the twists and turns as we all try to navigate the plans of our hopes and needs to the pace of a world that often feels like it is hiding from where we are headed.






Cafe Macedon Ranges
Colenso Cafe Woodend
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