January, you are too fast!

I’ve kind of quietly suggested to myself I should update our Blog more regularly in 2018. Here goes…

The whirlwind of moving has passed and the reality of ensuring a viable, sustainable and balanced offering has arrived.

I often don’t include ‘my story’ even though every marketing guide for the last decade insists on it. Yesterday, we had a family meeting about the year, each others needs and business. My children were 10 and 8 when we began our small business trip with Colenso. And now we have a fresh adult and a 15 year old. Capable, confident contributors both.

On opening a business in a new location I expect to be a bit under the microscope. I am grateful for the interest. Our business hours can be perplexing. Perhaps a little unimaginable that we would not be open weekends. I can assure you they are not dreamed up in isolation. Listed business hours are made of a strong consideration for our guests, our trading neighbours and mostly a practice that is sustainable over the long term.

We wanted to serve weekday lunches and dinners of an approachable price point. We are very conscious of what our restaurant colleagues have established.  It is not okay to arrive in town and just take up a ‘share’ of a limited market.  We have to literally work our way in. And so, Monday to Friday, reliably delicious lunches, drinks and dinners served in a welcoming and detailed way.

Yesterday we sat together as a family and had a catch up about Term 1. We go in to detail. What week is the school load heaviest? Who’ll be home most? We did a weekly menu for the first week back, plus a shopping list and a plan to prep the dishes in advance. Then we talked business. We committed to 10 weeks of Saturday nights, to be worked as a family.

Our Term 1 Saturday nights will focus on fine tuning our connection between our ‘food’ and our ‘drink’. We have always thought offering a fixed menu is a lovely way to eat for many reasons: sample new ingredients, dishes, techniques; eliminate waste and promote a shared time at table like in a family home. Among other reasons you can also have other drivers be the vehicle for choice. For example, I chose last weeks menu completely around two wines, both by Bertrand Bespoke. “L’ecume du Jour’ and their 2017 Syrah. There is often a heirarchy used to plan a menu and we often like to start ‘elsewhere’. More with the weather, the season, the wine and the work.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and our website to see the Saturday menus. They’ll go up on a Monday.

More soon.


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