September at Colenso

We become quite reflective at this time of year, and at the same time we are busy projecting and planning for ‘the holiday season’ and beyond. I don’t know whether it is due to the year slipping by or the need to be particularly organised as no matter how many times we say the end of the year gets too crammed – it seems out of our hands. So, my aim is for a peaceful year end and planning for that starts now!

Colenso has some lovely projects underway. Patience is a must as some of the people we work with kindly squish our kooky projects in between their ‘big’ jobs.

Glenn up at ‘Artisans at the Mill’ made us beautiful wooden serving boards for our Holgate Beer Dinner. (Which was a great night, made even better by having the maker in the dining room. I was really able to imagine Natasha and Paul and their young family taking on a venture such us the beautiful old pub next door. All credit to them. Great beer, right next door… Good fortune indeed.) Steve up at SRC Upholstery is working on some classic Parker chairs for me. (A gift from Wendy!) I spoke to Shane today down at Macedon Ranges signs. I think we need to re-present our front signage such that there is no confusion as to which business is Colenso.

In August I found the most beautiful rug on Chapel Street, Windsor. It really belongs on a polished concrete floor with a Milan day bed and pristine surrounds… so instead I have hung it on the wall at Colenso. Our design brief has always been about free wheeling with textures. No one sits by it with out touching it. And the corner where the rug resides has even been given a cheeky name. Go figure? Feel free to fondle when you are next in. The rug has been the catalyst for the new Parker chairs and when I find THE lamp – I’ll add that too.

October menus went on the website today. A seasonal presentation of lamb dishes. We are enjoying offering matched wines with each course during September. This has been really well received and I think Hal has been  adventurous in his choices.

Cafe Macedon Ranges
Colenso Cafe Woodend
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